St Helier lifeboat tasked to stranded individuals

Whilst on exercise this evening the St Helier inshore lifeboat was tasked by Jersey Coastguard to Elizabeth Castle, where two individuals were stranded by the rising tide.

Upon arrival, the crew located the stranded individuals with the assistance of the Castle Guardian. Following a swift assessment of their condition, the two individuals were safely brought ashore by the lifeboat.

As the incident concluded, a second tasking was received for two individuals stranded at Green Island. The St Helier inshore lifeboats made best speed to the location and the individuals were safely returned to shore by the Jersey Fire and Rescue Service.

If you're planning on going out for a walk on the coast, always check the tide times before you leave, tell someone where you're going and take a mobile phone with you.

If you see anyone in trouble, or get in trouble yourself, call 999 and ask for Jersey Coastguard.

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