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  • National Vocational Beach Lifeguard Qualification (NVBLQ) or equivalent to become an RNLI lifeguard. If you already have a beach lifeguard qualification, it needs to be equivalent to the ILS Beach Lifeguard qualification. Find out if yours is recognised on the ILS website.

  • A health assessment (including an eyesight test) to ensure you are physically up to the job. This applies even if you've worked as an RNLI lifeguard before.

  • A 400m pool swim in under 7½ minutes, the first 200m of which must be completed in under 3½ minutes.

  • A 25m pool swim underwater and a 25m surface swim consecutively in under 50 seconds.

  • A 200m beach run in under 40 seconds.

  • Availability for the whole season which you are applying for.


It may sound like a big ask, but we’ll be there every step of the way to help you reach these criteria – and become the best lifesaver you can be.

Beach patrols


The RNLI lifeguards started their first season on Jersey's beaches on 28 May 2011. They patrol the western beaches on Jersey. 


The majority of the lifeguards live in Jersey and have now worked on Jersey's beaches with the RNLI for several seasons.


Beach patrol dates for 2019


The 2019 season has now come to an end.


Education & Prevention


As part of the preventative and educational aspects of their role, the lifeguards visit local schools to deliver vital beach safety education. They are also involved in the RNLI's Swim Safe programme which teaches children aged 7-14 how to stay safe in and around coastal and open waters. Details on the Swim Safe programme can be found here


For beach safety information please click here and for information about rip currents, click here.


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