St Helier ILB diverted from exercise to rescue a fisherman

The St Helier inshore lifeboat was out on exercise on Wednesday when Jersey Coastguard requested that it divert to attend to a fisherman who had reported being cut off by the tide near Noirmont Point. 

James Hope was only signed off as helm in July and was out with two junior crew to practise using the sea anchor. He was on scene within 6 minutes and was able to locate the fisherman quickly. The casualty had been fishing on one of the westerly outcrop of rocks near Noirmont and had got cut off by the rising tide and didn't want to try and swim back due to the fast mid tide current. The sea was rising at its fastest rate and he probably only had 15 minutes before the rock he was on became fully submerged at which point he was at risk of being swept east with the flooding tide. 

The fisherman was quickly taken on board the lifeboat and brought back to St Helier. He was dry and unharmed but very thankful.

The lifeboat was then prepared for its next service.

Credit: RNLI

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