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London Marathon 2016


Thank you to everyone who supported us in the run up, and during, the London Marathon this year! The run was tough and cold but we all completed it and are on a high! We just about made our fundraising total of £6,900 about a week before we ran, so thank you again to everyone who donated!


We held a Quiz Night at the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club which raised over £1,000 and then we held a Horse Racing night which was so generously hosted by Kitty O' Sheas which raised an amazing £1,200!!! There have also been many other donations which we really appreciate, you know who you are!


Your donations go towards providing us with kit and supplies like life jackets, helmets, safety harnesses, boat equipment including navigation, radar, night vision... All these things (and many more) help keep us safe at sea and enable us to search for people lost, or cut off from the tide, or in any kind of distress.


Please donate if you can.


Jono, James and Rhees


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