The St Helier ALB tasked this morning to assist French catamaran

The St Helier all-weather lifeboat was tasked this morning to the assistance of a French catamaran moored off Beauport which was suffering engine problems and taking on water.

The crew made their way to the casualty vessel and prepared the salvage pump in case it was required to pump out any water.

Fortunately the casualties had managed to temporarily fix the mechanical issue that was causing the water ingress. However, due to the nature of the mechanical failure, there was a risk water could start to enter again once the vessel was underway. Three crew members remained onboard the casualty vessel whilst they made their way back to St Helier on the second engine.

The crew onboard the all-weather lifeboat launched the daughter craft, the Y-boat, near the entrance of the harbour to help bring the casualty alongside in St Helier.

Quote of the day from one of the French crew on seeing the Y-boat launch from the all-weather lifeboat: "Mon Dieu, c'est James Bond!"


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