Surfer rescued from the waves at St Ouen’s 17/08/2018

On Friday afternoon, lifeguards spotted a surfer in trouble at St Ouen's Bay.

The surfer had been enjoying the water at around 3.15pm when a wave broke on him and snapped the leash on his board. As the surfer had stayed in the lifeguarded zones, he was easily spotted by lifeguards there who responded quickly and were able to return him to shore on their rescue board. The casualty was exhausted by the time he arrived back at the beach and, had the lifeguards not acted so promptly, the outcome could easily have been much worse.

Kris Heron, Senior Lifeguard on duty said, “As soon as we retrieved the surfer to the beach I performed standard casualty care procedures to make sure he didn’t require attendance by ambulance. Luckily, apart from being cold and tired, he responded well so I explained the risk of secondary drowning and advised him to see a doctor. We train regularly for situations like this and we go home happy at the end of the day if we’ve been able to keep the beach safe. We hope to see our surfer out enjoying the waves again very soon.”


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