St Helier lifeboats assist fishing vessel taking on water

Tuesday afternoon just after 1:30PM, both St Helier lifeboats were launched by Jersey Coastguard to assist a fishing vessel with one person on board reported to be taking on water to the southwest of the island. The Atlantic 85 ILB launched within 5 minutes of being paged and made best speed to the casualty vessel.

Once the ILB had located the casualty and was alongside, two crew members were put onboard the casualty vessel with the salvage pump. Whilst one of the crew members took over the manual bilge pump on the vessel, the crew members worked with the casualty to open the deck hatch and started the salvage pump to pump the water out. Once the source of the water had been identified as a mechanical failure, the water ingress was stopped.

The ALB arrived on scene and two crew members from the Tamar-class lifeboat went onboard the casualty vessel with the much larger salvage pump than carried on the ILB. Once all the water was pumped out the casualty was able to start their engine and made their way back to St Helier escorted by both the ILB and ALB. 


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