St Helier ILB assists sinking vessel with JLA and a French Navy helicopter

Incident report - 31/05/2020

Jersey Coastguard

At 21:43 local time our Maritime Operations Centre took a call on VHF radio from a local vessel that had run aground, was taking on water and sinking just south of The Minquiers.

The three persons on board were abandoning the vessel and going ashore.

Due to the conditions, falling light, low tide and the uncertainty if the persons had made it ashore both the St Helier Inshore Lifeboat (RNLI) and the Jersey Lifeboat (JLA) were tasked to the scene. A French Navy helicopter was also requested and tasked in case the persons could not be located or able to be retrieved safely.

The Inshore lifeboat located the casualties safe and well and was able to recover them from the main island and due to the sea conditions the casualties were transferred to the Jersey Lifeboat and returned safely to St Helier.

A Ports of Jersey marine services vessel will inspect the sunken vessel tomorrow morning.

Both lifeboats were back at base just after midnight. 

Jersey Coastguard would like to thank the JLA, RNLI and French Coastguard for their rapid response this evening and carrying out a successful joint mission.

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