St Helier ALB assists broken down vessel SW Corbiere

Jersey Coastguard were monitoring a VHF communication between a vessel and Jobourg MRCC. The vessel was stating they had lost electrical power to navigation equipment and their batteries were not charging. They were requesting a vessel accompany them to St Quay.

After a time the French Coastguard lost contact with the vessel as did Jersey Coastguard. Also the radar target aquired by JCG dropped a short time later. The decision to deploy the St Helier ALB was taken.

The St Helier ALB proceeded towards the last known position and a short time later two red parachute flares were seen SW Corbiere. A French working vessel who were nearby the casualty vessel were first on scene and agreed to tow the casualty vessel to St Quay and so the JCG stood down the St Helier ALB

It was later learned the casualty vessel arrived in St Quay at around 04:00.

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