St Helier ALB and St Catherine's ILB called to assist man with back injury at Les Ecrehous

Both St Helier and St Catherine's lifeboats worked together to evacuate a man with a suspected spinal injury from Les Ecrehous reef.

Both RNLI lifeboat crews were pages at 18:45 following a report that a man had fallen and sustained a potentially serious back injury. The St Catherine's inshore crew were first on the scene and assessed the casualty's condition and provided immediate first aid, pending the arrival of the St Helier all-weather lifeboat which had launched with the RNLI doctor on board.

The St Helier lifeboat arrived on scene approximately 30 minutes after the St Catherine's lifeboat and the RNLI doctor took the decision to evacuate the casualty, transferring him first to the St Catherine's inshore lifeboat, which was able to beach, and then to the all-weather lifeboat which was waiting in deeper water. Following the transfer, the all-weather lifeboat then took the casualty back to St Helier where he was transferred to a waiting ambulance.

The incident nicely demonstrated the different capabilities of the two lifeboats, with the inshore lifeboat being able to provide a rapid response and initial first aid treatment, backed up by the all-weather lifeboat which provided a more stable and comfortable platform to transport and treat the casualty.

Both lifeboats were back on station by 20:30 (St Catherine's) and 21:15 (St Helier) respectively where they were made ready for their next call.

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