St Helier ALB and ILB called to assist vessel on rocks near Green Island

At 17.52 a call was received by a vessel notifying that a boat was seen on the rocks near Green Island and Greve D'Azzette. The vessel notifying the coastguard was standing close by but could not get in close enough to assist. The mobile phone of the casualty had since stopped working and so only a approximate location could be given. The St Helier ALB and ILB made their way to the casualty position and located the assisting vessel in relatively safe water.

The St Helier ILB made its way to the assisting and casualty vessels aided by white illumination flares. The ILB then veered down to the casualty vessel to pass a tow line and evacuated the one person on board. The casualty vessel was then abandoned in its position and the casualty, who was uninjured, was brought back to St Helier.

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