St Catherine's ILB assists the rescue of a French fishing boat

At 1.50am on Saturday morning, the RNLI's inshore lifeboat crew at St Catherine's were awoken by their pagers and tasked with assisting the rescue of a French fishing boat which had struck rocks at the Ecrehous reef, to the north east of Jersey.

The French fishing boat had started taking on water and the crew had abandoned ship to the boat's liferaft. In total darkness and on a spring low tide, the crew navigated to the casualty vessel to assist in the rescue although, by the time they were on scene, the four crew had been winched off by a French helicopter.

The St Catherine's crew recovered the liferaft and stood by the casualty vessel until salvage operations were able to start, returning to station at about 5am where the lifeboat was refuelled and readied for her next service.

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