St Catherine's ILB assists casualty that had fallen on to rocks at Gorey

Call Out:

19:30 approx.



No of People on Board:




Report from Jersey Fire & Rescue Service


Just before 7:30pm a call was received via the Services Joint Control Room to a male casualty that had fallen on to rocks behind Gorey Castle.


6 Firefighters from HQ were diverted from an incident they were already attending with a fire engine and rescue unit. They were immediately backed up by a further 4 personnel in an additional fire engine and the Fire Service Duty Officer who had been visiting the Jersey Nightingale Hospital for a familiarisation visit.


On arrival crews were met by the Jersey Coastguard Duty Officer who pinpointed the casualty’s position from the shore. The St Catherine’s Inshore Lifeboat was also launched to provide a sea based asset if the casualty was able to be rescued from the rocks. 


On arriving on scene, the St Catherine’s Lifeboat put two crew members ashore to assess the casualty's condition and secure his position. The casualty had no serious injuries but had tried to climb to safety and managed to get himself into a precarious position where he could no longer climb down.


A Firefighter from White Watch also boarded the RNLI Lifeboat to act as a liaison and communication link between the Lifeboat and Fire Crews during the Rescue.


Firefighters got to work with Height Rescue Equipment and managed to rescue the casualty and bring him up to safety. Although only suffering slight injuries from his attempts to climb to safety, he was cold and suffering from signs of shock.


This incident demonstrates the excellent joint working between Jersey Coastguard, RNLI Jersey and Jersey Fire and Rescue. 


We would like to remind the public that if you are planning on visiting some of the islands more remote coastal areas you check the tides and ensure you have a way of raising the alarm in case of an emergency.




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