St Catherine's ILB assists 3 men in an inflatable dinghy

The St Catherine’s inshore lifeboat was launched on Sunday evening following a call for assistance by three men who found themselves being carried by the wind and tide off the north coast. 

The St Catherine's RNLI crew were paged at 4.15pm after Jersey Coastguard received a call from three men who were unable to make way against the wind and tide in their inflatable dinghy. The three men had launched from Bonne Nuit for some recreational fishing but with a flooding tide and westerly breeze, and no means of propulsion other than their oars, they were not able to make their way back to the harbour. 

They were quickly located by the inshore lifeboat which took the three casualties aboard and returned them to Bonne Nuit. 

The lifeboat then returned to St Catherine's where the boat was disinfected, refuelled and prepared for the next launch. 

Steve Luce, Deputy Launching Authority for RNLI Jersey commented: 

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind all recreational boaters to ensure that they have the right equipment for the activity planned, to know their capabilities and have a means to communicate and the correct safety equipment on board. 

There is a wealth of advice available both on the RNLI Jersey website, the RNLI’s own website and the Jersey Coastguard website and we would urge all those using the waters around Jersey to make use of those tools.”


  • St Catherine's ILB assists 3 men in an inflatable dinghy
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