RNLI St. Helier Inshore lifeboat called out to vessel taking on water

The Inshore lifeboat launched following a report via the French Coastguard of a vessel taking on water south of the Island.

The 12m motorboat with 1 person on board initially reported that the bilge pumps were containing the ingress but as the situation deteriorated so it became clear that assistance would be required and so the Inshore lifeboat launched carrying a high capacity pump.

The Inshore lifeboat was on scene within a matter of minutes where it was discovered that the casualty had subsequently lost both power and steering. With the lifeboat's pump handling the water ingress, the ILB took the casualty in tow to St. Helier where she was lifted out of the water.

The lifeboat then returned to the station where she was made ready for her next call.


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