RNLI Lifeguards save kite-surfer

RNLI Lifeguards saved a kite-surfers life after he was spotted in difficulty off a lifeguarded beach.

With an onshore winds gusting to 35 mph and breaking seas the kite-surfer was spotted by an on-duty Senior Lifeguard struggling in the conditions. The kite-surfer had detached from his kit and was clearly in need of help.
A lifeguard entered the rough conditions with a rescue tube and swam out about 100 meters in breaking waves of 2 meters to the casualty’s location.
He was placed in the rescue tube and the lifeguard made his way back towards the beach in the rough conditions. As they approached the shore a team of other lifeguards helped them both to safety.

The kite surfer was un-harmed but a little shaken after the ordeal.

Lifeguard Supervisor Nathan Elms said; 
‘The on-duty team of RNLI Lifeguards worked well together choosing the best swimmer to go in. The conditions were rough and the waves we reflecting back off the promenade which made conditions difficult to carry out the rescue. Thankfully this happened off the RNLI Lifeguarded beach so he was seen before the situation got worse.’ 
  • Jersey Rnli Lifeguards Save Kite Surfer

Credit: RNLI

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