Incident coordinated by Jobourg Coastguard

Last nights incident was coordinated by Jobourg Coastguard who were alerted initially by VHF. Two separate attempts were made to tow the fishing vessel however due to very bad weather and sea conditions these were not successful.

Here is a sequence of events regarding last nights launch involving a french fishing vessel with mechanical difficulties in the Carteret area.

2040 - 2050

  • French Helicopter requested
  • Request for SNS293 from Dielette - launching impossible due to weather
  • Request Mona Rigolet ALB
  • Contact with casualty to prepare to abandon

2050 - 2100

  • Shore side emergency teams contacted medical etc on the beach
  • Mayday relays transmission
  • JCG called and requested ALB due to grave and imminent danger of persons on board Casualty vessel and no other immediate assets available to remove the crew

2100 - 2130

  • Helicopter lift off and underway
  • Launch of Mona Rigolet from Gouray
  • Helicopter on scene attempt evacuation of casualty crew with winching equipment

2130 - 2200

  • Helicopter land casualties on beach, they were shocked but safe and otherwise well
  • Stand down of St Helier ALB - return to station
  • Casualty vessel drifting and in danger of grounding in Hattainville beach area, eventually vessel did land on beach with little damage
  • Incident coordinated by Jobourg Coastguard
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