Four hour callout for the St Helier crew

Whilst much the island was watching the final of the Women's World Cup, the St Helier crew were involved in a 4 hour shout which resulted in them circumnavigating the Island!

The St Helier crew were tasked at just after 7.20am to a 10m yacht that had lost power between the Pater Nosters and Les Dirouilles off the north coast. In really light winds, they weren't able to make way and were drifting with the tide.

The Tamar class all-weather lifeboat, George Sullivan, was on scene with the casualty by 8.30am and established a tow which brought the casualty round to St Helier via the east of the island, taking advantage of the flooding tide.

The lifeboat made it back to St Helier with the casualty at midday where the yacht and her crew were safely brought alongside.

The lifeboat was then refueled and made ready for her next service.
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