Both St Helier RNLI lifeboats tasked to incidents within moments of each other

Jersey Coastguard tasked the volunteer crews of both the RNLI Jersey St Helier inshore and the all-weather lifeboats to separate incidents which were occurring at the same time on Sunday afternoon.

The initial tasking of the RNLI Jersey all-weather lifeboat came at 2.39pm following reports of a motor boat with a fouled propeller. However, some 6 minutes later, a further tasking was made to an 11 metre yacht also with a fouled propeller. The inshore lifeboat was tasked to the first incident, with the all-weather lifeboat retasked to the larger casualty vessel.

The inshore lifeboat made its way to the motor boat which was located amongst rocks just south of Green Island. Its position presented a risk to both the stricken boat and its crew. After a quick assessment, the casualty vessel was towed stern-first out of the danger area to keep the boat and its crew safe. Once the casualty vessel was in safe water a more traditional stern-to-bow tow was established and both boats proceeded back to St Helier.

Meanwhile, the all-weather lifeboat quickly located the yacht with the fouled propeller which was just to the west of the Demie de Pas and which was making way under sail. The all-weather lifeboat stood off and escorted the yacht to the small roads outside St Helier harbour at which point they established an along-side tow to bring the yacht safely onto a pontoon within the harbour confines.

Both lifeboats were readied for their next service. Training and equipment are provided, and lifeboats can only launch, thanks to the generous donations of the public.

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