A busy weekend for RNLI Jersey and other rescue assets

It was another busy day for RNLI Jersey today with a call out for both the St Helier ALB and ILB.

The first call came in at 8.20am for the ALB which was tasked to a 6-7m capsized speedboat located south east of the Minquiers. The vessel had been spotted by the Condor Rapide on its way back to Jersey. The crew arrived on scene and had been asked by the Coastguard to determine if any casualties were trapped under the boat. Using the Y boat located at the stern of the Tamar class all weather lifeboat, the crew quickly established there was no one onboard. The Coastguard asked the crew to attempt to right the boat. However, the vessel was so badly damaged that during that process the vessel sank. The Jersey Lifeboat Association, CI Air Search and crews from the SNSM conducted searches of the area to confirm no one was in the water. Once it was confirmed no one was in the water, all assets were stood down and started making their way back.

The second call was received just before 10.30am and the ILB was launched for a potential missing kayaker after an empty kayak was reported south of the Demie de Pas lighthouse. The ILB arrived on scene and met the Jersey Fire & Rescue inshore rescue boat. The crew on the ILB conducted a datum search of the area and expanded the search of the outer reef towards La Conchière. The crew were eventually stood down after the owner of the kayak contacted the Coastguard to confirm the kayak was missing. The ILB returned to station, refuelled and was made ready for the next service.

As the ALB was on the way back from the previous shout at the Minquiers, the crew were re-tasked to carry out an area search for the missing kayaker. The crew were stood down after they completed their search pattern. The ALB then returned to station, refuelled and made ready for the next service.

Both boats were back on station around 1.30pm.

This was a great example of teamwork with assets from the Coastguard, JFRS, Channel Islands Air Search, Jersey Lifeboat Association and the French SNSM working closely together.

We cannot reiterate the importance of registering your vessel with the Jersey Coastguard Safety Identification Scheme (C-SIS).

If an unmarked SUP, tender, kayak, etc is found adrift, then Jersey Coastguard has the responsibility to ensure that there are no persons in danger. The quickest way to achieve this is by contacting the vessel's owner. If a craft has no markings on it this is near impossible, consumes a huge amount of time & resources and could ultimately lead to the unnecessary launching of Search and Rescue units.

By registering your vessel via C-SIS, Jersey Coastguard will be able to make contact with you or your designated emergency contact within minutes of the initial discovery.

Register today for FREE:


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