Tamar 'George Sullivan'


There is only one all-weather lifeboat stationed in Jersey, which is St Helier's George Sullivan. She arrived on station in June 2009 and was formally named in a naming and dedication ceremony on 12 September 2009.


The Tamar class is a 16m, self-righting all-weather lifeboat capable of speeds of up to 25 knots. She weighs 30 tonnes and has a range of up to 250 nautical miles.


Carrying 6 crew, the Tamar is one of the most technologically advanced rescue boats in the world. The Tamar includes the computerised Systems and Information Management System (SIMS) that enables crew to control many of the lifeboat's functions remotely from the safety of their seats.


The George Sullivan also carries a small Y class boat inflatable boat which can be launched and recovered while at sea.


The Tamar has a survivor's space with room for 10 sitting and 8 standing casualties. However, the lifeboat can carry up to 60 people and still maintain its self-righting ability.

Latest Launch Report

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