Mayday Campaign 2018

What is Mayday?


Mayday is our yellow-themed annual fundraiser, which runs from 1-31 May. It’s a celebration of our volunteer lifeboat crews, who are on call 24 hours a day, every day, to save lives at sea.


This year, we want to raise money to fund the vital kit that will keep them safe, whatever the weather throws at them.


Why kit matters


When our brave volunteer crews answer the call for help, they don’t know what they’ll be facing. Huge waves, storms, darkness … They need to be prepared for anything. Having the right kit can make the difference between life and death – for them and the people they rescue.


How can you help?


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RNLI are are hoping to reach £750,000!


We have a great selection of Mayday Yellow Welly items for sale at the RNLI Shop at St Helier Station:




Latest Launch Report

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