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Man Overboard Pulled From Sea


A man was pulled from the sea after falling overboard from a sailing yacht off Jersey's coast.

Both St Helier lifeboats were called out Sunday morning when a boat reported one of its crew had gone over the side.


The skipper made a call to Jersey Coastguard saying one of the crew had gone overboard.

Radio contact was poor, the vessel had no GPS to give an exact location, and a Mayday call for other boats to help went unanswered.

The RNLI all weather and inshore lifeboat launched in Force 5 winds and headed towards the yacht, which was some two miles south-east of St Helier.


En-route, and thanks to good viability, a man was spotted in the water waving and being kept afloat by his life jacket.


He was around 100 feet from the yacht's track and was pulled onto the lifeboat, checked over and taken back to shore.


Jersey Coastguard says he was uninjured and taken to dry off and recover from his ordeal.


"Jersey Coastguard would like to thank the timely response by the volunteer lifeboat crews of both the St Helier all weather and insure lifeboat's and their vigilance whilst transiting out to the scene which led to a successful outcome."

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