St Helier Crew

There are currently 25 serving crew at St Helier lifeboat station plus a number of shore-based helpers and assistants.



Name ALB* role ILB* role
Andy Hibbs Coxswain
Tim Gavey 2nd Coxswain
Graham Smith Deputy 2nd Coxswain
Steve Manning Deputy 2nd Coxswain  
Rhees Evans Station Mechanic
Andrew Letto 2nd Mechanic
Adam Fabian 3rd Mechanic Crew
Bart Messervy-Evans Crew Helm
Ian Esnouf Crew Helm
Dr David Howell LMA / Crew
Les Le Ruez Crew
Andrew Nicolle Crew
Tim Hilditch Crew
Jamie Langlois Crew
Jo Butters Crew Crew
James Hope Crew Crew
Cam MacLagan Crew Crew
Callum Smith Crew Crew
Michael Senior Crew Crew
Chris Orkiszewski Crew Crew
Nigel Coxshall Crew Crew
Dan Cook Crew Crew
Liam Henley Crew Crew
Robin Ovenden Crew Crew
Mark Bradbury Crew Crew
James Gales Lifeboat Operations Manager
Mike Jackson Deputy Launch Authority
Paul Mimick Deputy Launch Authority
Dr David Howell RNLI Doctor
Philip Barber Honorary Treasurer
Charlie Gravett Education and Visits Officer
Jonathan Lee Press Officer
Roy Bullen MBE Chairman of the Lifeboat Management Group
Margie Richardson Charity Box secretary
Cheryl Hibbs & Team Souvenir Shop


*ALB = All Weather Lifeboat

*ILB  = Inshore Lifeboat