St Catherine's Crew

There are currently 21 serving crew at St Catherine's lifeboat station. This page lets you meet the crew and station management and find out more about their backgrounds.


All of the St Catherine's crew are volunteers.


Name Role
Nigel Sweeny Lifeboat Operations Manager, Launcher
Chris McFadyen Deputy Launching Authority
Michael McNally Deputy Launching Authority
Michael Roche Mechanic, Launcher
Andrew Eeles Helm
Simon Boyle Helm
Edward McFadyen Helm
Simon Todd Relief Helm
Andy Pryke Relief Helm
James Ransom Crew, Launcher
Tony Picton Crew, Launcher
Helier de Veulle Crew, Lifeboat Press Officer
Gibby Gordon Crew
Jonny Bisson Crew
Dan Luce Crew
Simon King Crew
Robin Fitzgerald Crew
Matthias Genetzke Probationer Crew
Danny White Probationer Crew
Sebastian Markowski Assistant Mechanic
Steve Luce Launcher
Lloyd Banks Launcher, Assistant Mechanic